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Ships were one of the very few objects to retain the gendered pronoun in the English language - until very recently, a ship was referred to as 'she'. The qualities of these vessels – the Sirius with her ‘broad Buttocks’, the Admiral Barrington, ‘a very old ship and infamously found’, the Sugar Cane, ‘a remarkable fast sailer’ – made a significant difference to the outcome of the voyage.

This section is concerned with the ships which carried convicts and stores to New South Wales in the years 1787 to 1800. Where reliable information is available, it provides a chronology of each ship from its construction until the end of its life, with a particular focus on its use in the Botany Bay trade.

But it also provides some analysis of the kinds of ships employed in carrying convicts and stores to NSW - tonnage, dimensions, mast numbers, deck numbers, crew numbers, armaments, owners, agents, masters, surgeons - as well as sailing dates and sailing times.

- Gary L. Sturgess, 21 February 2016


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