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Only a very small number of convicts kept journals of the outward voyage, and inevitably, these were the better educated. To date, only eight such journals have emerged.

- Gary L. Sturgess, 23 March 2016

Thomas Fyshe Palmer (Surprize, 1794)

Thomas Fyshe Palmer, 'A Narrative of the Sufferings of T.F. Palmer and W. Skirving during a Voyage to New South Wales, 1794', 2nd ed., Cambridge, 1797

James Semple Lisle (Lady Shore, 1796)

J.G. Semple Lisle, 'The Life of Major J.G. Semple Lisle', London: W. Stewart, 1799

William Noah (Hillsborough, 1798)

William Noah, 'Voyage to Sydney in the Ship Hillsborough 1798-1799. . .', Sydney: Library of Australian History, 1978

Joseph Holt (Minerva, 1799)

T. Crofton Croker (ed.), 'Memoirs of Joseph Holt', Vol. 2, London: Henry Colburn, 1838

James Hardy Vaux (Minorca, 1801 & Indian, 1810)

James Hardy Vaux, 'Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux', London: W. Clowes, 1819

Linus Miller (Canton, 1839)

Linus W. Miller, 'Notes of an Exile to Van Diemen’s Land', Fredonia, N.Y.: W. McKinstry & Co., 1846

John Ward (Mangles, 1839)

John Ward, ‘The Diary of John Ward, 1841-1844’, MS, 1841-44, National Library of Australian (hereafter NLA) MS 3275

Leandre Ducharme (HMS Buffalo, 1839)

Leon (Leandre) Ducharme, ‘Journal of a Political Exile in Australia’, (trans. By George Mackaness), Australian Historical Monographs, Vol. II (New Series), Sydney, 1944

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