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Anonymous, ‘Whaling Voyages Round the World in the Britannia and Speedy Transports, Captn Thomas Melvill’, 1791-1796, State Library of New South Wales (hereafter SLNSW) DLMSQ 36

Richard Atkins

Richard Atkins, 'New South Wales Journal, 1792-1794', National Library of Australila (hereafter NLA) MS4039, typescript copy published online at

James Bell

James Bell, 'Private Journal of a Voyage to Australia, 1838-39', Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 2011

William Bradley

William Bradley, ‘A Voyage to New South Wales’, December 1786 to May 1792, SLNSW Safe 1/14, published online at

William Bradley, 'A Voyage to New South Wales, 1786-1792', Sydney: Public Library of New South Wales, 1969

Ralph Clark

Ralph Clark, Fair Copy of Journal, 9 March 1787 to 17 June 1792, 4 Volumes, SLNSW Safe 1/27a, published online at

Paul G. Fidlon, et al (eds.), 'The Journals and Letters of Lt. Ralph Clark, 1787-1792', Sydney: Australian Documents Library, 1981

David Collins

David Collins, 'An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales', 2 Volumes, London: T. Cadell Jr and W. Davies, 1798, published online at

David Collins, 'An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales' [1798], 2 Volumes, Sydney: A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1975 [Note: the second volume is based on the papers of Governor John Hunter]

John Easty

John Easty, ‘A Memorandum of the Transactions of a Voyage from England to Botany Bay in The Scarborough transport Captn Marshall Commander’, November 1786 to May 1793, SLNSW DLSPENCER 374, published online at

John Easty, 'Memorandum of the Transactions of a Voyage from England to Botany Bay, 1787-1793', Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1965

John Gardner

John Gardner, ‘Voyage of the Gorgon to Australia, Captain John Parker, Written by the Second in Command, 1st Lt. John Gardiner’, 15 March 1791 to March 1792, SLNSW DLMS 1

Thomas Gilbert

Thomas Gilbert, 'Voyage from New South Wales to Canton in the Year 1788. . .', London: J. Debrett, 1789

John Hood

John Hood, 'Australia and the East, Being a Journal Narrative of a Voyage to New South Wales', London: John Murray, 1843

John Hunter

John Hunter, ‘Journal Kept on Board the Sirius during a Voyage to New South Wales, May 1787 - March 1791’, SLNSW Safe DLMS 164, published online at

John Hunter, 'An Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson. . . and the Voyages', London: John Stockdale, 1793

John Hunter et al, 'An Historical Journal of Events at Sydney and at Sea, 1787-1792' [1793], Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1968

[Some of the details from John Hunter’s later papers are published as the second volume of David Collins’ ‘An Account’.]

Ebenezer Kelly

Ebenezer Beriah Kelly, 'Autobiography', Norwich: John W. Stedman, 1856

Anna King

Anna King, ‘Mrs King’s Journal of Her Second Voyage to New South Wales which commenced on the 20th of November 1799’, SLNSW C185/1, published online at

Philip Gidley King

Philip Gidley King, ‘Private Journal, 1786-1792’, 2 Volumes, SLNSW Safe 1/16, published online at

Philip Gidley King, ‘Fair Copy of Remarks & Journal Kept on the Expedition to form a Colony. . .’, comp.1790, SLNSW Safe C115, published online at

Paul G. Fidlon, et al (eds.), 'The Journal of Philip Gidley King, Lieutenant, R.N. 1787-1790', Sydney: Australian Documents Library, 1980

Elizabeth Macarthur

Sibella Macarthur Onslow (ed.), 'Some Early Records of the Macarthurs of Camden', Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1914

Samuel Marsden

Reverend Samuel Marsden, ‘Diary, 27 July 1793 to 15 July 1794’, Mitchell Library, SLNSW C245, published online at

Linus Miller

Linus W. Miller, 'Notes of an Exile to Van Diemen’s Land', Fredonia, N.Y.: W. McKinstry & Co., 1846

John Myers

John Myers, 'The Life, Voyages and Travels of Capt. John Myers', London: Longman, Hurst, Rees and Co., 1817

Jacob Nagle

Jacob Nagle, 'Journal, 22 July 1840', William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan, published as John C. Dann (ed.), 'The Nagle Journal: A Diary of the Life of Jacob Nagle, Sailor, from the Year 1775 to 1841', New York: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1988

Jacob Nagle, `Jacob Nagle his Book A.D. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Nine May 19th. Canton. Stark County Ohio', 1775-1802 (comp. 1829), SLNSW MLMSS 5954 (Safe 1 / 156), published online at

William Noah

William Noah, 'Voyage to Sydney in the Ship Hillsborough 1798-1799. . .', Sydney: Library of Australian History, 1978

Mary Ann Parker

Mary Ann Parker, 'A Voyage Round the World in the Gorgon Man of War', Captain John Parker, London: John Nichols, 1795, published in Deirdre Coleman (ed.), 'Maiden Voyages and Infant Colonies', London: Leicester University Press, 1999, pp.169-225

Nicholas Pateshall

Nicholas Pateshall, 'A Short Account of a Voyage Round the Globe in HMS Calcutta, 1803-1804', Carlton, Vic: Queensberry Hill Press, 1980

John Washington Price

Pamela Jeanne Fulton (ed.), 'The Minerva Journal of John Washington Price', Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2000

Mary Ann Reid

Mary Anne Reid, ‘Cursory Remarks on Board the Friendship’, Asiatic Journal, September 1819, pp.237-239; October 1819, pp.344-347; November 1819, 452-456; December 1819, pp.555-558; January 1820, pp.37-40; February 1820, pp.130-134; March 1820, pp.255-258; May 1820, pp.454-456; June 1820, pp.564-569; July 1820, pp.40-42; September 1820, pp.249-252; November 1820, pp.454-460; December 1820, pp.575-577.

James Scott

James Scott, ‘Remarks on a Passage [to] Botany Bay, 1787’, SLNSW Safe DLMSQ 43 published online at

James Scott, 'Remarks on a Passage to Botany Bay, 1787-1792', Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1963

Arthur Bowes Smyth

Arthur Bowes Smyth, ‘Journal of Arthur Bowes Smyth, 22 March 1787 to 8 August 1789’, NLA MS4568, published online at,

Arthur Bowes Smyth, ‘A Journal of a Voyage from Portsmouth to New South Wales and China in the Lady Penrhyn. . . 1787-1778-1789', SLNSW Safe 1/15, published online at

Arthur Bowes Smyth, ‘Journal of Arthur Bowes al. Bowes-Smyth, surgeon of the convict transport “Lady Penrhyn” on a voyage from Portsmouth to Botany Bay, Tahiti, and China, returning to London, 20 Mar, 1787 – 13 Aug. 1789’, British Library (BL) Add MS 47966

Paul G. Fidlon et al (eds.), 'The Journal of Arthur Bowes Smyth', Sydney: Australian Documents Library, 1979

Watkin Tench

Watkin Tench, A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay, London: J. Debrett, 1789, 1st ed., SLNSW DL 78/68, published online at

Watkin Tench, 'A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay', London: J. Debtree, 1789, 3rd ed., published in Watkin Tench, Sydney’s First Four Years, Sydney: Library of Australian History, 1979

Watkin Tench, 'A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson', London: 1793, published in Watkin Tench, Sydney’s First Four Years, Sydney: Library of Australian History, 1979

John Turnbull

John Turnbull, 'A Voyage Round the World', Philadelphia: Benjamin and Thomas Kite, 1810.

James Hardy Vaux

James Hardy Vaux, 'Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux', London: W. Clowes, 1819

John Ward

John Ward, ‘The Diary of John Ward, 1841-1844’, MS, 1841-44, NLA MS 3275

John White

John White, 'Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales' [1790], Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1962

James Wilshire

James Wilshire, ‘Journal by Jas Wilshire Kept on Board the Royal Admiral, Captn Wm Wilson, Comm., from England to New South Wales’, 5 May to 16 July 1800, Mitchell Library, SLNSW MLMSS 1296, published online at

George Worgan

George Bouchier Worgan, Journal Fragment, 20 January 1788 to 11 July 1788, in Worgan Collection, SLNSW Safe 1/114, published online at

George B. Worgan, 'Journal of a First Fleet Surgeon', Sydney: Library of Australian History, 1978