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The term 'Botany Baymen' was used several times by contemporaries to refer to ships engaged in the Botany Bay trade - in the same way that vessels involved in the East India trade were known as 'East Indiamen'.

The ships' journals of the Royal Charlotte and the Alfred, East Indiaman which sailed with returning Botany Bay ships in 1797, both used the term ‘Botany Baymen’. (Journal of the Alfred, 20 July 1797, India Office Records, British Library (IOR) L/MAR/B/140H; Journal of the Royal Charlotte, 10 January 1797 (IOR L/MAR/B/150N)

And the master of the Second Fleet ship, the Surprize, Nicholas Anstis, used the phrase ‘Botany Bay ships‘ when he wrote to Camden, Calvert & King from Whampoa on 22 December 1791. (TNA CO201/6/300-300a)

- Gary L. Sturgess, 18 March 2016

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